Fuel tanker semi trailers are used to haul bulk fuels from the distribution centers to customers and fuel stations country wide. Ayub Steel specializes in manufacture of fuel tanker semi trailers as per ADNOC, ENOC and EPPCO specifications. Our fuel tanker trailers are known for their quality and workmanship.

We provide different configuration of fuel tanker trailers as per client requirements.

  • FUEL Tanker Trailer With Chesis
  • FUEL Tanker Trailer Without Chesis
  • Water Tanker Trailer
  • Wastage Tanker Trailer
  • Fabrication & Welding

We are a specialized manufacturer of customized & suitable to be towed by different vehicles. These tanker or towing trailers are a great addition to sites that require remote fuelling. Fuel bowsers or towing trailers help to ensure continuity in fueling needs on-site. The small size and compactness ensure that these fuel bowsers can reach difficult to access sites.

Tanker can be designed to accommodate 200IG, 500 IG, and up to 1000 IG capacity. Ayub Steel also has solutions for both Petrol as well as Diesel, Water & Wastage Tanker.

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